CE-EMC service laboratory for CE approval

Audio hifi  measurement laboratory specialist

with certified and calibration instrumentation as Audio Precision / dScope S-III and more...


European comunity require C E approval test compatibility called EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility as directive 89/336/EEC - 92/31/EEC for all electric/electronics products also for audio hi-fi hi-end equipment.

Our audio EMC lab's is specialized only in Audio EMC test equipment with hi-quality dedicated test instruments and personnel and external area for measurement

We can test and fill out all paper and documents to obtain the C E mark for audio products as: amplifier / cd-dvd player / tuner / loudspeakers / speakers / accessories etc.

Attention: all passive little products as: phones/interconnect cable/ cables etc... must be approved with completly T.C.F. (technical construction file) need to obtain CE - approval !!!


EN-55013 Limits of disturbance measured conduct 150khz-30mhz(main interference) and radiated 30 mhz-1 Ghz
EN-55020 Limits of disturbance for immunity (only TV set and radio tuner)
EN-60555-2 Harmonic of disturbance also ESD discharge test
Low voltage directive (LVD) 73/23/EEC electric material work at voltage 50-1.000 AC Volt and 75-1.500 DC Volt

EU-News / EU-Gazette

Pubblication from harmonized standars:

C-44/12 from 01/19/92 - 92/C44/10

C-90/02 from 04/10/92 - 92/C90/02

C-49/03 from 02/17/94 - 94/C49/03

The european single market requires the application of uniform technical standards within the members states of EU.Electrical and electronic products which fall within the EMC-directive must,from the 1/ January /1996,be labelled with CE mark. For a declaration of conformity,a manufacturer should apply all appropriate standards.

Download a guide to build the emc-lvd T.C.F. (doc-format)

Scarica la guida per preparare il Fascicolo Tecnico CE (doc-format)

For more info request this kit-package:

We supply a package info guide for company/manufacturer of audio products with all important paper for to prepare the right documentation for to obtain CE-mark.

The cost for this package is :  EURO 62 order directly to us.

Contact the lab.for more info and EMC-package guide:


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